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Hand-hammered and formed from a single flat sheet of silver, the rich texture of this scoop will deepen each time it is used. Its substantial weight is balanced with intricate attention to detail amidst subtle curves and a matte finish. The long handle easily reaches into a bag of coffee, making your morning ritual that much sweeter. 

Sara Thompson

Since moving across the country at sixteen to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Oregon College of Arts and Craft, Portland-based metalsmith Sara Thompson has been drawn to the act of transforming one-dimensional pieces of material into objects for daily use. With a professional career spanning well over ten years, Sara’s wide range of household and art objects showcase the depth and scope of her mastery over her material. Through waves of meticulous hammering and shaping, each piece slowly reveals the effortless beauty and organic symmetry that characterizes her work. Despite her impressive achievements in silversmithing, Sara works tirelessly in her North Portland studio (an artist collective started by her prior OCAC mentor,) constantly striving to push the boundaries of her work.

Materials: Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 1.5" (w) 6.5" (l)
Origin: Portland, Oregon