Bonnie Levine

Bonnie Levine is a ceramic artist and studio art educator living and working in the Hudson
Valley and New York City.
Similar to Levine’s work in the classroom where material exploration is essential, Levine draws
inspiration and direction from the clay itself. She uses various techniques to create her forms
such as throwing on the pottery wheel and altering the forms, to handbuilding. The plasticity of
the material, the mood of the moment, the moisture in the air and other variables converge to
produce pieces, which embody the human form and reference the natural world.

Relationship building, whether assembling two hemispheres together or two vessels arranged to
form one, is foundational to Levine's creative endeavor. The tension between the emotive quality
of her sculptures and the hardened yet fragile material adds complexity to the work. The
narrative created by the interaction of the individual pieces rests in the viewer’s stance. In
addition, experimenting with different clay bodies and kiln firing methods have been an integral
part of Levine’s process, expanding the vision. The distinct and often subtle quality of the
surface holds the energy of the complex interactions of the firing.

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