Lindsay Oesterritter

My work is inspired by the inseparable relationship between time and place, form and surface.

When I work with clay I aim to convey a narration of time and place. I work in an intentionally straightforward manner, choosing the clay and combination of processes for the marks that will be left on the vessel.  The processes of making are recorded on the surface of the object and begin to reveal the qualities of the material and tell a visual story.

Lindsay Oesterritter’s simple stoneware pieces are made for everyday use, but they feel and look like something special.

A Louisville native, Oesterritter studied ceramics at the University of Louisville and Utah State University, where she earned a master’s degree in fine arts.

Functional ceramic wares, mostly unglazed.

Goods are formed with stoneware clay, a type of clay that is very durable and fired to a temperature making it food safe, microwavable and dishwasher safe.

Everyday surroundings ranging from worn leather and river stones to retired industrial objects.

Her new book, “Mastering Kilns and Firing.” Drawing on years of experience and interviews with fellow wood-fire potters, she offers tips and techniques on raku, pit, barrel and wood firing.

Lindsay Oesterritter is currently a full-time studio potter in Manassas, Virginia. She is also a co-founder and organizer of National Clay Week and member and co-founder of Objective Clay, online organizations aimed at building and educating the ceramics community. 

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