Ali Hewson

There are some objects that you can't help but touch, and the work of Ali Hewson is magnetizing with its rippling textures and glossy slipware glazes.

Informed by her illustrative background and inspired by historical objects (specifically 17th-century slipware and London Deltware), Ali's work applies traditional techniques and her own personal touch on contemporary forms. The draw to materiality is apparent with the hardy stoneware clays incorporated with grog (rough ground clay) and hand-made slip glazes. Despite her now primary focus in ceramics, the constant in her work and life remains to be drawing, making her mark with freehand lines in the raw clay.

Having graduated from the Camberwell College of Arts, Ali now works as an artist and educator at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, teaching drawing workshops and furthering sustainable practices in clay.

Ali Hewson

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