Zabuton (noun): a large, flat cushion used in Japan for sitting or kneeling on the floor.

Raised in Seattle by a father who is Japanese and Portuguese and a mother who is Irish and English, Myles Gouveia has always sought ways to better understand his background. After moving to New York in 2021, Myles took his profound love of textiles and began cultivating a deeper connection to his Japanese heritage by starting Zabu.

To Gouveia, Zabu isn't just a brand; it is a way to grow closer to his own cultural identity. Now known for modernizing these traditional floor pillows, Gouveia continues to approach textile design with enormous regard for sustainability and how materials are used in daily life. Bringing these considerations into every piece, Gouveia meticulously sources deadstock textiles and stitches/fills every product by hand in his Brooklyn, NY, studio.

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