Hamish Jackson

Vases, crocks, chargers, and teapots: Hamish Jackson's familiarity 


this family of forms is not just synonymous with British studio pottery but also the work of Hamish Jackson. 

familiarity of its shapes and forms, provides a ready-made language, which ceramic artists have for decades invoked and emulated but also transformed and renewed.

Having traveled and exhibited from Europe to Japan to the United States and Thailand, Hamish Jackson brings 


Originally hailing from the UK, Hamish Jackson brings the true spirit of English studio pottery wherever he goes. 

Hamish Jackson is an English potter living in the United States. Halfway through his undergraduate degree in literature, he attended a pottery class and realized he wanted to be a potter. 

Hamish began potting at Winchcombe Pottery, then completed a four-year apprenticeship with Mark Hewitt in North Carolina and earned an MFA from Utah State University. He has traveled and exhibited widely, from Europe to Japan to the United States to Thailand. Focusing on local materials, he seeks to make pots that people love to use. He is also a tea enthusiast.

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