Pebble Vase

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Drawing inspiration from nature, Matthew Abadi makes each pebble vase a one-of-a-kind piece. The next time you pluck a sprig during a stroll in the park, you will have the perfect-sized vessel to place it in! Each vase is slightly different and will be selected at random

Matthew Abadi

Having discovered and fallen in love with glass during one chance encounter, Matthew Abadi quickly traded his life working a 9-5 for the life of a glassblower. Now known for his precise and delicate work, Abadi's glassware still maintains the unique and organic characteristics only obtained through a hand-blown glass process. Rarely making multiples of a piece unless commissioned by a shop or gallery, he employs various glass-making techniques to achieve genuinely one-of-a-kind pieces. Whether intended to perform a specific task or be appreciated from afar, each object is made with a meaningful purpose. The resulting glassware offers a beautiful simplicity within the space it occupies and the space it contains. Located in Portland, Oregon, Abadi can be found constantly pursuing new mediums to continue enriching his deep connection to craft.

Materials: Glass
Dimensions: 1.5-3.25" (h) x 1.5-2" (w)
Origin: Portland, Oregon