Folded Sushi Plate

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This folded ceramic piece is so artfully designed. Handmade with an earthy brown glaze on its surface, the underside of the plate is left unglazed, allowing it to be handled with easy. It's the perfect backdrop for special dishes like sushi or wagashi, as well as for elevating objects in your home for display.

This product is made exclusively for Storied Objects. 

Behnaz Sharifian

After years of working as an Architect, Visual Artist, and Chocolatier, Behnaz Sharifian decided to go back to university to pursue a career in Ceramics and
Pottery. From her first encounters with clay and learning hand-building techniques, Behnaz was intrigued by the inevitable seams and creases that are an essential part of slab work. Instead of trying to hide them, she has focused on celebrating these cuts and folds by adding a creative and playful twist to everyday items such as bowls and plates while maintaining a timeless and minimal aesthetic. A beautiful convergence between decorative and functional ceramics, Behnazs' simple alterations in the design of everyday wares not only enhance the piece's aesthetic but naturally highlights what's being presented within them.

Materials: Ceramic
Dimensions: 1" (h) x 4" (dia)
Origin: Seattle, USA