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Calyx Vase



Designed to be showcased, not hidden, the calyx vase gains appeal through its substantial feel and buoyant shape. Unlike most transparent glass objects, the draw is not to peer through but to intently study the subtle handmade characteristics it presents on its surface. Named after the protective petals at the base of a flower, it is robust enough to withstand any foliage while also amplifying the beauty of the flowers it holds.

Materials: Glass
Dimensions: 9" (h) 
Origin: Portland, Oregon

Lynn Read

Nestled neatly off the main street of Portland's historic Sellwood neighborhood sits Lynn Read's quaint and unassuming glassblowing studio, Vitreluxe. Named after Read's affinity for expressive and lustrous forms, Vitreluxe embodies glasswares that command attention in any context. With over two decades of glass blowing experience, Read designs with a refreshing lack of preciousness that allows new forms and ideas to occur within the material. The resulting pieces feature organic textures and shapes that celebrate the unpredictability and unique nature of glass. Outside of his commitment to offering vibrant and spirited works, Read's deep respect for the natural world not only influences his designs but also helps guide his moral values. Running on 100% renewable energy, Vitreluxe remains one of the few glass studios to implement a fully sustainable system for melting glass.

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