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In these one-of-a-kind vases by Andy Paiko, perfect symmetry is replaced by a dramatic diamond pattern and irregular shape. This vase is meant to be the center of attention, holding a larger, more grand arrangement. The bends and twists of the glass create an organic fluidity and movement that brings the object seemingly to life. 

This product is made exclusively for Storied Objects.

Andy Paiko for Storied Objects

Based in Portland, Oregon, glass artist Andy Paiko is known for his ambitious and technical works. Originally finding glass unexpectedly, it has now evolved as a function of his personality. Almost alchemical in feel, each piece has a deep reverence for materiality and the traditional glassblowing techniques he was taught. Despite being known primarily for his larger installation work, Andy has a deep desire to reconnect to the joy of making functional crafts, therefore aligning him perfectly with Storied Objects ethos. With nearly three decades of hand-blowing glass, Paiko continues to limitlessly push the boundaries of glass in his Portland, Oregon studio.

Materials: Glass
Dimensions: Approx 11.25" (h) x 7" (dia)
Origin: Portland, Oregon