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Candle Holder

Notary Ceramics for Storied Objects


Featuring a modest height and wide base, this candle holder is perfectly balanced to hold up tall flames on any surface. The flared lip allows easy insertion and removal of tapers, while the dish at the bottom gracefully catches drips of wax.

Materials: Stoneware
Dimensions: 4.75" (w) x 4" (h)
Origin: Portland, Oregon

Notary Ceramics x Storied Objects
Sarah VanRaden

Simple, honest, and enduring, Notary Ceramic's extensive collection of wares perfectly reflects the soothing nature of the woman behind the brand. Having grown up in rural Oregon on 20 acres of land, Sarah VanRaden has always been drawn to the imperfect beauty that nature offers and inspires. Named after Tulip Notaries in the Netherlands (who authenticated the originality of tulip bulbs for trade,) her work begs to be adorned with foraged arrangements. Despite her strong roots in design and styling, what defines Sarah's work isn't just an aesthetic but a feeling; the warmth of home, the beautiful moments hidden in daily life, and a gracefulness that charms the soul. In between creating new work, Sarah devotes herself to her family, whether snuggling up in a blanket, walking to the community garden, or making fairy habitats in their Pacific Northwest home. 

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