Beeswax Pillars

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Size: 3 Inch

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When I need a break from heavily scented candles, I like to use these pillars made of pure Oregon beeswax. The long-burning, natural-toned pillar has a simple, understated presence, perfect for a relaxed ambiance. The wax burns with minimal smoke and a large, stable flame.

Hannah Miller

Oregon native Hannah Miller has always strived to live by one simple philosophy—explore more, consume less—and has put that belief into practice in her personal and professional life. After living a life riddled with skin sensitivities and struggling to find non-toxic, fragrance-free, and earth-friendly alternatives to everyday essentials, Hannah was inspired to begin creating her own remedies. With its long list of health benefits and environmental friendliness, beeswax quickly became a full-time catalyst for her passion in 2019. Sourcing pure raw beeswax from Oregon beekeepers, Hannah continually strives to keep things simple and only source sustainable supplies and materials to create the best possible wick-to-wax relationship.

Materials: 100% pure beeswax
Dimensions: 2" (dia)
Origin: Portland, Oregon