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Nero Jar

Sayuri Fukuda for Storied Objects


Perfect for holding your jewelry or as a salt cellar, this little jar is a pleasure to the senses. Achieved by applying black-colored powder to layers of clear glass, the thin strip left clear at the base of our nero jar gives the appearance of floating above the surface it sits on. 

Materials: Glass
Dimensions: 4.5'' (w) x 4.75'' (h)
Origin: Seattle, Washington

Sayuri Fukuda for Storied Objects

Inspired by nature and landscape, Sayuri Fukudas' work embodies the organic beauty that traditional Japanese glass imbues. Ever since first studying glass art in Japan, Fukuda-san has emphasized the importance of glass as a functional material, using utilitarian forms as a way to connect her products to the life of the end consumer. Constantly influenced by the contrast of light and shadow, her work reflects a joyful spirit that stands out brightly from the grey surroundings of the Pacific Northwest. Outside of offering her own line of glassware, Fukuda-san splits her time working alongside multiple glassblowing and Japanese art communities such as KOBO, a Seattle-based gallery located within the historic Japantown district.

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