Textured Matcha Bowl

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A stunning collection of matcha bowls (Sabal) in the Korean style, featuring a simple ash glaze and foraged wild clays. Teaware of this type is designed to develop a patina with use and is ideal for a Spring or Summer matcha ritual. This particular bowl features a slightly coarser clay and includes naturally occurring impurities.

Marco Minetti

Seemingly inspired by the transience and imperfection found in the world around him, Marco Minetti's work is imbued with a naturalness that not many are capable of recreating. Minetti spent several years living and working as an apprentice in China, Japan, and Korea, and though he carries a strong commitment to all techniques he learned abroad, the most influential apprenticeship was that of master potter Kwak Kyung Tae who works exclusively in Onggi (large fermentation vessels) and Buncheong (an intricate method of slipware from rural Korea.) Both challenging and liberating, these methods allow Marco to express intention in his pieces while their sensitivity captures his energy and state of mind in the moment of creation. "Right when you're not expecting it, beauty surprises you." When Marco is not home in California foraging native clays and ashes for his work, he can be found in Korea hosting Ceramic Masterclasses with his friend and co-founder, Kwak Kyung Tae.

Materials: Ceramic
Dimensions: 3.25" (h) x 5.75" (dia)
Origin: California, USA