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Style: Round

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If you love creating floral arrangements, this special glass vase is for you. Gently weaved sculpted glass embellishes the opening of this vessel, allowing beautiful opportunities to prop up multiple stems without the use of an unappealing 'flower frog.' We also love using these as elegant propagation stations!

Maria Enomoto

When it comes to glass design, Maria Enomoto's work is imbued with a sense of joy and whimsyness that can't be faked. 

Rather than trying to fully control glass as a material, Maria seemingly embraces the happy little accidents that occur along the way. It was the same unpredictability that initially drew her to the world of glassblowing in 2011, resulting in her BFA at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Though Maria's love for color and form has remained consistent over the last decade, her creative possibilities are as endless as the materials she masters. 

Materials: Glass
Dimensions: Varies per piece
Origin: Portland, Oregon