Stone Bud Vase

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In the art of Ikebana (Japanese for 'arranging flowers' or 'making flowers alive,') vases are specifically chosen to enhance the flowers they hold. This bud vase is unique and leans subtly to the side of beauty with imperfection. They are designed to appreciate the fleeting beauty of a single sprig, allowing many to enjoy seasonal flowers with less commitment. We love how the vase looks like a stone polished within a stream. 

Elizabeth Lenny

Informed by memories of encounters and interactions with the natural world, Elizabeth Lenny’s work seamlessly combines the notions of time, place, and material. Using these memories as a starting point, each piece is then derived from correspondence between herself and the material, following its natural curves, grain, and resistance. These material properties speak of the material’s own memory, telling of its story. Elizabeth’s process relates to traditional craft techniques, primarily using hand tools, to slowly reveal form. The resulting work occupies space between functional objects and sculpture, encouraging interaction and use, and promoting continuous change over time.

Materials: Soapstone
Origin: Toronto, Canada