Pietro Belluschi's Joss House

Pietro Belluschi's Joss House

We recently had the opportunity to provide some of our handmade objects to style the interior of the Joss House; a newly listed home designed in 1941 by renowned architect Pietro Belluschi. 

The images captured for the listing are insane, so it felt wrong not to dedicate a Journal entry to the homes beauty and design history!

Known as one of the key contributors to creating the Pacific Northwest's distinctive modernist style, Pietro Belluschi has designed over 30 public buildings in Portland and around Oregon, including numerous homes and churches. If you live in Portland, you've likely encountered one of his buildings without even knowing it. 

Pietro's intention for the Joss House (1941), as with many of his other works, was to match his buildings to the landscape and create a place that seamlessly merges with its environment. The hilltop house, which has deep overhangs and horizontal rough spruce siding on the exterior is a perfect example of Belluschi's design ethos of 'eloquent simplicity'.

When you’re in the space, it’s almost impossible not to feel one with the surroundings; the wood paneled walls simultaneously fill you with warmth while the Fir and Spruce trees dance outside the large glass windows. 

We love what the home represents. To us it’s a beautiful union between lifestyle and nature both in the design and also in the materials Belluschi uses.

It's how we strive to live our everyday lives at Storied Objects; in not just the products that we have around us but, in how we integrate them into our environment with harmony. 

The house is a true testament to the pioneering spirit of west coast Americans during the mid century, and can be yours today via Modern Homes Portland

Styling: Karie Higgins Studio
Photography: Pablo Enriquez

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