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Amber Bowl

Studio Prepa


Seemingly inspired by the warmth of a sunrise, this amber-colored bowl gleams beautifully in any light. Its organic rim enhances the delicate petal-like appearance, balanced by a thick base that gracefully elevates the contents it holds. Not overly designed, this bowl is grounded in its incredible simplicity. 

Materials: Glass
Dimensions: 8” (w) x 10” (l) x 4" (h)
Origin: Nagano Prefecture, Japan

Studio Prepa
Katsuhisa and Mizuho Hira

Named after the concept of preparation, Studio Prepa is a husband and wife-run glass studio located in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Using glassblowing techniques originating in Sweden and Italy, Katsuhisa and Mizuho Hira work collaboratively to make glass objects that are familiar and nostalgic but still original. By embracing the imperfections and unpredictability of glassware, rather than trying to create pieces without variation, they celebrate the details of a product that mass production would never consider. In this way, Studio Prepa imparts a warmth and character in their work that transitions beautifully into daily life. 

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