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With a very green and umami flavor profile, we love this organic ceremonial-grade matcha from Uji, Japan. Originating from a single-origin cultivar (Okumidori), this matcha is truly farm-to-cup.

Each tin contains 30 grams of freshly stone-milled, single-origin, 1st harvest, certified JAS organic matcha.

Ingredients: Organic ceremonial-grade matcha. 
Flavors: Green, umami, fresh, earthy.
Instructions: Sift 2g matcha (1 teaspoon), whisk with 2-2.5 oz of water at 176F until frothy. 

Masha Tea
Maria Geyman

When it comes to tea, naturopathic doctor Maria Geyman is fully immersed. As a board-certified naturopathic doctor, Geyman began making medicinal tea blends for her patients. It is obvious her background still influences the sourcing of teas and herbs used for her tea practice, Masha Tea, today. To Geyman, the act of making and drinking tea can be just as medicinal as the types of herbs that are used. Masha Tea considers tea as agriculture, makes thoughtful sourcing decisions, and prioritizes sustainability and beauty. Through Masha, Geyman aims to offer beautiful, organic teas to be part of people's everyday lives and believes that using a favorite cup, teapot, and exquisite tea leaves can enhance your experience in our often not-so-gentle world.

Materials: Organic, stone-milled, matcha.
Weight: 30 g
Origin: Uji, Japan