Stone Candle Holder (Green)

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We love the naturalness of this piece and the quiet presence it has. Its polished surface subtly reflects the flickering flame, and the natural material makes it feel like you picked it up during a walk in the forest. Beeswax tapers are the perfect fit for these striking holders and the weighted base is heavy enough to handle any size candles.

Elizabeth Lenny

Informed by memories of encounters and interactions with the natural world, Elizabeth Lenny’s work seamlessly combines the notions of time, place, and material. Using these memories as a starting point, each piece is then derived from correspondence between herself and the material, following its natural curves, grain, and resistance. These material properties speak of the material’s own memory, telling of its story. Elizabeth’s process relates to traditional craft techniques, primarily using hand tools, to slowly reveal form. The resulting work occupies space between functional objects and sculpture, encouraging interaction and use, and promoting continuous change over time.

Materials: Soapstone
Dimensions: Varies per piece
Origin: Toronto, Canada