Walnut Coasters

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With its small, circular shape, these solid wood coasters make an ideal surface to set a drink or display a beautiful teapot or vase. Crafted by hand, this multi-purposed and stackable piece has a sense of timeless simplicity and strength.

Elise McLauchlan

Originally from the UK, Elise McLauchlan fell upon woodturning on a whim when she decided to return to study Furniture Design at the Cass School of Art and Architecture in London. Having grown increasingly fascinated by the beautiful symmetry achieved on the lathe (a piece of machinery used to shape wood into cylindrical profiles), Elise embodies a more artistic approach to the traditional craft of woodturning. When observing her body of work, you realize that form is never sacrificed at the expense of function and vice versa. Now working out of a small studio in Ontario, BC, Elise emphasizes working with locally sourced woods and constantly pushes the boundaries of shapes she can achieve on the lathe.

Materials: Walnut
Dimensions: 4" (dia) x 0.75" (h)
Origin: Ontario, British Columbia