Takahashi Kougei

Made with wood originating from the mountains of Hokkaido, Japan, Takahashi Kougei creates simple and functional tableware that is sustainably harvested and masterfully handcrafted.

Founded in 1965 by Shoichi Takahashi, Takahashi Kougei began as a Hikimono house, a traditional form of Japanese woodturning using a rokuro ( or 'lathe'), and was initially known for making table legs and ornamental posts. In the 1980s, Takahashi Kougei began to make a name for itself with the production of minimal tableware and has since collaborated with beloved Japanese designers such as Oji Masanori and Rina Ono to expand their line of products.

Procuring one year's worth of raw wood material that is cut down during the winter season, the number of pieces produced is limited and highly coveted by consumers around the world.

Takahashi Kougei

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