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The Japanese glassware brand Studio Fresco creates original handmade products that complement modern living environments. The brand aims to produce glassware that activates the space around it, essentially making the invisible elements of air, water, and light visible. Each piece is handmade and therefore unique, prompting users to exercise their own expression in the act of choosing.   

Entirely hand blown in Osaka, Japan, by master artisan Takeshi Tsujino, these special glass pieces are extremely small-batch and limited-edition. Coloured using natural mineral pigment, each piece in the collection is truly unique, and the glass carries an impressive depth of character.

fresco is a glassware brand and studio in Izumi city of Osaka prefecture. The name “fresco” means “fresh” in Italian.
Takeshi Tsujino, the founder of fresco is a popular glasswork craftsman as his hand blown lampshade or pendant lighting. On the foundation of Mr. Tsujino’s record of glasswork, fresco was established in 2005. The theme of fresco is “to coexist the ‘reliability’ of brand and ‘originality’ as handmade crafts.”
Fresco treasures the relationship of people through the glassware. They regard that the select of tableware by users as one of the expression. By the daily use of users, the expression will complete by a collaboration of craftsmen and users. With these thought, they propose a rich life with glassware to the world.

Born in Osaka,Japan
Graduated from Osaka Design College
Moved to the U.S.Awhere he learned glass blowing techniques at Pilchuck Glass School
Established the glass studio “Fresco” in Izumi, Osaka
Launched a new brand called “Fresco”. Since then, he has been working with the staff on the production of glass products

”Hight quality products have no meaning if people don’t use them.”
Born in Osaka.

Takeshi Tsujino made some glass dishes for TSURU.
He blows the melted glass at 1200℃ and brings it to life. It’s a technique he has learned at the “Studio Glass Movement” which was a very big in the USA. Artists used to have their own atelier where they would blow glass.

He has spend more than 5 years mastering different techniques and even though his works are very modern and finely designed they perfectly fit in everyones daily life. The smooth forms and textures of the glass give life to the object.

“Even hight quality products have no meaning if people don’t use them” is his motto. “More glass for the Japanese lifestyle”
He doesn’t only want to make glasses and plates but he also would like to expand his art to lamps and interiors to create a living artistic space.

Based in Osaka, Japan, longtime glass artist Takeshi Tsujino founded the brand in 2005 to make homewares that blend his contemporary stylings with the natural imperfections inherent in mouth-blown glass. The artist and his studio team make each plate, bowl, and vase by hand,

With more than 20 years of experience in industrial glass art, Fresco was launched in 2005. Fresco artists focus vital importance on combining the brand’s credibility and uniqueness within their handmade products. They suggest the various possibilities the glassware can offer in our modern living environment. The goal through is to not only complete this suggestion by making the products, but to always unite the design within its imagined space.


“In other words, our goal is to work as a dynamic team, and to suggest a space for our products.”


Fresco items are entirely handmade. Every single piece of glass comes with unique quality. Collectors can choose each product using their own sensitivity. In the modern world, when one chooses something, it almost becomes an act of his/her own creative expression. When their creation and this collector’s expression meet, Fresco believes that a new relationship can be discovered. This moment is what they value the most. 

Studio Fresco

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